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You can talk with Skype users for free.

Furthermore, you can call throughout the world with
reasonable price and everyone can make use of the service
with PC, Web camera and a headset.

If you haven’t installed Skype, please proceed to install and download as below.

無料オンライン電話 Skype

Download Skype


Skype installation



Follow the wizard and install Skype.

After finishing installation, you go to user registration of Skype.


Fill in the necessary form since the browser starts.
Fill in the Skype ID set up here on the free trial registration.


Skype ID?

Please tell us your Skype ID just like the one that is encircled red below.


ログイン状態 Please inform us now.
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Your tutor is going to send a request to your Skype.
It’s ready for Skype when you accept it.



Do you have any problems for installing Skype?


Skype Web page


Skype ID:parrots100


Let’s use Skype!

Let’s chat!

1, Log-in with Skype ID.

2, Search your friends

→ add to contacts

3, Find your friends!!

→Enter your friend’s Skype name

4, Use an introduction message and add to Contact list

5, Chat start!!

You can send a message casually!
Fun with use of face mark!!

Let’s call

1, Choose a friend from your contact list

2, Click on “transmission” which is green color

In case you have a web camera, you can use video call as well

3, Call

Call sounds ring and then you can start talking

4, You can call and chat at the same time, you can also send a file like a photo

5, Call ends

You need to click the red receiver icon when hanging up.


Do you have any problems in use of Skype?

Unable to download Skype?

How to install???

Skype ID??



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