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About the tuition fee

basic monthly charge 6,000 yen only

Parrots-kun price plan

The price plan of Parrots-kun online English school is simple and reasonable

You are guaranteed of our No Admission Fee policy, if you book a lesson everyday, it is more convenient and beneficial.

The indispensable condition of acquiring English is evident. According to statistics, a participant realizes a progress with the number of hours spent in English lessons.

In our Premium Plan, you can take up to two English lessons everyday for six months, and the price is only for ¥7,500/month.

If you want to learn English eagerly, we have Gold Plan and Premium Plan to offer. If you don't have much time to learn, so we can offer Silver Plan for you.

You can choose the plan that suits your lifestyle and your convenience.

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Notes: Application of a Premium Plan

※ 1 lesson time is for 25minutes. The 1 lesson price is at a daily rate based a return of one month for 31days.
※ Only with a Premium Plan, payment through PayPal is not automatic settlement every month, but it is only once for the six months contract (45,000 in one payment).

Silver Plan(25mins. lesson everyday/month)           “to study diligently”
Gold Plan(25mins. lesson x 2times everyday/month)       “to study tightly”
Premium Plan(25mins. lesson x 2times everyday/6 months)  “to take time to study”

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About adjournment, resumption and withdrawal from the membership

You can adjourn and resume at your convenience!

For example you can adjourn in a busy month and resume when you have time. You can resume from your favorable day at your convenience.
Adjournment and withdrawal from the membership, please contact us 10 days before expiration or the date of your PayPal settlement. In resumption, please contact us 3 days before your preffer resumption day.

You can resume your lesson immediately after we confirm your payment.


※In case of PayPal(credit card payment), you can use our paying service as soon as you finish processing!
※In case of Bank transfer, It will be available after we confirm your payment. It may take you a few days because of the made of the payment.
※In case of Smart Pit(convenience store settlement), our paying service will start the next date of your payment that have we confirmed.
※If you would like to take a break, please contact us that you want to adjourn from Inquiry of our website.
※Please keep in mind to cancel the PayPal settlement by yourself at the same time.

Stop payment procedures associated with withdrawal

In case you want to withdraw, please make sure that you perform the procedures of withdrawal after logging in from “My page” on the site.

After the withdrawal procedure completed, please log in on PayPal site and stop payment procedures by yourself.

You can choose the payment method.
PayPal, Bank transfer or Smart Pit.


You can take a lesson immediately by using Paypal.

In credit card settlement by PayPal, we have the lesson fee of one month from the payment day. You can make payments automatically at PayPal from the next month or later so that you can make use of the service easily and conveniently without any trouble.
※Only with a Premium Plan, payment through PayPal is not automatic settlement every month, but it is only once for the six months contract (\45,000 in one payment).


You can take a lesson after we confirm the payment.

We would like you to pay the tuition of one month(※1) into the specific account. You will be able to take a lesson after we confirm your payment. With regard to monthly tuition(※1), it is possible that you can deposit your advance. In addition, bank transfer charges are paid by the member. Please understand the situation beforehand.
※1: For a Premium Plan, the payment should be for six months, \45,000.
※In case we received \6,000, we would demand the member to choose between Gold Plan and Premium Plan. However, if there isn't any confirmation of the additional payments for the Gold Plan or Premium Plan from the member within one week, we will provide the member our Silver Plan plus two lesson tickets. Refund is allowed only within one week after the payment was confirmed. And it takes a month to refund. Please understand that a member bears the commission (bank transfer fees, etc.) occurred by the refund.


You can take a lesson after we confirm the payment.

【Convenience Stores Handling Smart Pit】
Lawson, Family Mart, Circle-K, Three F, SunKus, Mini Stop

Smart Pit is a service that you can pay easy and fast at any nearby convenience store. It is safe and convenient especially when you make use of Internet shopping.
You can check from here about Smart Pit, and how to use Smart Pit here.
※We will do a billing procedure after we receive your payment request. Please take your time to wait until we notify you the procedure is done.
※For a Premium Plan, the payment should be for six months, \45,000.

※We send the confirmation to your email account after we confirmed your payment. You can take a lesson immediately after that.

※The first day you enrolled and paid is the date you can start having a lesson as a paying member. You can start having a lesson even on the day you enrolled and paid. Please check the rules of our service.


Notes/points to be checked

Annual cancellation of a lecture day
Since the company and the tutors as well observed the important national holidays like January 1, December 25 and December 31. Please bear with us.
In the event of national disaster
Please understand beforehand that we can suddenly stop providing our service because of the natural disaster like the eruption of a volcano, typhoon, earthquake, flood, tsunami, and others.

New tutors

They are the tutors who recently joined.
FCFS! You can choose them like your exclusive English tutors for now!
It is nice to have fresh tutors and fresh talk right now.








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Frequently asked questions

When you have any questions, please refer to “frequently asked questions”.
Or please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support.