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The organization and company related to 100yen English conversation hereinafter refers to as the school. The service provided by 100yen English conversation hereinafter refers to as the service. The school conducts its operation with the maximum attention for the Privacy Protection Policy based on the following ideas.

1. About acquiring personal information

Personal information is the specific information that can identify the user with name, e-mail address, home address and phone number through the service.

2. The purpose of acquiring personal information

The school is deemed to utilize user’s personal information for the following purposes, such as:

(1) To provide the information related to the service;
(2) To confirm for the registration;
(3) To identify the user and credit authentication service;
(4) To notify for lesson reservation and cancellation;
(5) To inform the school service and other related services which include direct mail sending and e-mail transmission; and
(6) To handle inquiry after the service.

3. About the limitation of share of personal information

The school does not use or share personal information outside the range of achievement without prior consent form the user except for the following cases.

(1) In case of court rule, police prosecutors and enforcer, lawyer and other people in the proper authority.
(2) In case information is disclosed to credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agency or other related agencies for the settlement of accounts with use of credit card.
(3) In case information is disclosed to lawyer and other authority bound with the duty of confidentiality.
(4) In case information is disclosed to the successor of business when it merged to other business or if being taken over.
(5) In case it is being ordered by law

4. About security of personal information

The school instructs appropriate management of personal information in order to prevent personal information from leaking and operate other safety management measures of personal information. When the school has a contract with an outsourcee, it concludes the contract of confidentiality preservation and then administrates the outsourcee.

5. About the management of personal information out of the service

About e-mail and direct mail sent by the service, the personal information management registered by third party except for the school; hence the school does not take any responsibilities. About the use of service, please confirm the privacy policy of the applicable service.

6. About the session information

 This service utilizes the technology called cookie and session. Cookie is a mechanism which includes specific text information using the browser to temporarily hold a data connection and assemble personal information based on the data, however using cookie and session merely cannot identify personality, but it can identify by combining with other information, however the school cannot provide its service. The user can check if he/she allows using cookie and session. Please check the setting if necessary.
 The third party may send an advertisement system and cookie because the school measures the number of advertisement display for its service.

7. About disclosure, correction, suspension of use and erasure, etc.

When the user of the services requests disclosure, correction, addition, erasure, suspension of use, cancellation, stop of the third party supply, notification of the use and purpose, the school deals with it in person as soon as possible after confirming the service wherein claimant has an appropriate right. However, in case those cases match the following cases, then the school may not deal with all or a part of it and will inform that as soon as possible.

(1) In case of fear for life of the third party, physical, facility or other rights that attribute to damages;
(2) In case of fear of possibility which causes significant damage to the school; and
(3) In case of violation of law

Basically, the school does not disclose the information such as log-information except for the personal information.

8. About the change of privacy policy

The school can change this privacy policy. It would be great if you could check and clearly understand the privacy policy of our school. Please send a message from “Inquiry” when you have a question about personal information protection in our school.




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