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Frequently asked questions

Q&A of ¥100 Parrots-kun English

About Parrots-kun

What is Parrots-kun?
We are an online English school, which has a basic principle of “learning with fun” “progress with talking a lot”. We provide one on one lessons which make use of free internet Skype.
Tutors from acquired Parrots-kun English lesson program are in charge of students. The Instructors are very friendly; thus beginners can take a lesson with fun.
We have been providing a service which aimed at “Getting used to English conversation” and “Improve English” by letting students have lessons everyday by instructors with high level of English proficiency.
How are Parrots tutors? Why are they Filipino?
All Parrots-kun tutors passed a criteria based on its provision and finished the required training course. They always smile and fashion-conscious. Whatever the topic is; they can cope with it flexibly and have a good lesson with you. They can teach you grammar and pronunciation in terms of student’s aspects through the experience they have had.

Why tutors are Filipino?

The English skills European giant companies also recognize.

Top 500 giant companies chosen by Fortune magazine gradually set up a call center in the Philippines. Because of reasonable costs and the great English skills that Europeans also recognize.

Reasonable costs

In spite the fact that the quality of instruction in the English language is recognized worldwide, the cost of personnel expense is more affordable than that of Japan.

No.1 of the working rate in overseas

Philippines through its educational systems produce globally competitive graduates that can work even overseas.

English as public language

The Philippines has about 80 kinds of dialects, moreover the Filipino people can communicate with other different regions in English. English is so widespread in the Philippines because it was once colonized by the Americans. The Philippines is in the third rank which has English speakers next to the United States and the United Kingdom today.

English as a second language

Unlike the English speakers there are also a leaning skills and methods simply because they learned English as a second foreign language from childhood. Aside from it is expensive, it differs from native speakers who are said to be not good at teaching English.

About Use

Can I share one Parrots-kun ID with my family ?
No, it is not allowed. Even though it is for a family admission, members need to enter for each because Parrots-kun manages all members learning state. Just in case, Please keep in mind that we are also allowed to delete your account if we have investigated and proved that you have one ID and used by two or more persons. Since the admission expense of this school and the expense of installing of Skype do not cost at all. Please perform a procedure for a person.
Is there any age limit?
No, we don't have any age limit. You can take a lesson from at the age of being able to talk to the elderly.
Can I change my plan ?

Yes, you can choose other price plan which you prefer but after the price plan contract is done. Please carefully check the detail or period of each price plan before you pay, because we only accept change of price plan after finishing each term.

-For example-
If you applied and avail Gold Plan on Oct.15, then you can change another plan next term on Nov.15.

Can I apply several price plans in one account at a time ?
No, you can only apply for one at a time. If you want to change your plan, then change after you have finished your chosen term.

About lesson environment

I am a Mac user, Can I make use of the service?
Yes, you can. Please download Skype for Mac from here and make an application process “Free trial lessons” after downloading.
Can I take a lesson in overseas?
Yes, you can. You can use in the environment of Skype that has Internet lines.
Can I take a lesson with a fixed-line phone?
We are sorry, but we don’t have a service with a fixed-line phone. Since we’re making use of Skype, we need an environment that Skype can connect.
I have a wireless LAN connection away from home, can I still attend a class?
Yes, you can. But it makes the communication lines heavy and influences the lesson so please note of that. In case that the members have a delayed or canceled lesson, we will not be responsible for any. Under the reasons about the extension and transfer of the appropriate lessons, the students can’t even cancel. Please attend in an environment that is suitable for lessons.
Can a lesson be taken in the case it has connected with PC card type broadband from the place where I have gone?
Although you can take a lecture, but if possible, please use the internet services of a cable. When a communication trouble arises in the middle of a lesson, we will investigate and if there is no problem in the communication situation of this school, you can neither change an applicable lesson, nor extend or cancel. Please understand that.
Can I take a lesson using another computer which is different from I usually use ?
Yes, you can. As long as there is installed Skype into it, you can use Skype with the same ID and take a lesson even using another computer.
Can I take a lesson by my mobile or tablet ?
Yes, it's possible many members use their mobile or tablet for taking lessons. But sometimes they get a bad line because of poor internet connection, for example they can't use video call or experience voice communication interruption.
If in that case, we will try to decrease the load of the internet connection, and give you a lesson with only voice call.
Do I need a headset and a webcam?
You don’t have to buy a web cam in case your PC is already equipped with a camera and a speaker. Please use as it is needed. You don’t have to use a web cam but we recommend that you combine a web cam and a head set for a better class discussion.

About lesson

What do I need for a lesson?
You need to install Skype with free internet call. Then please prepare PC that is connected with the internet and a headset. Besides, you can practice your pronunciation and conversation more effectively and naturally by using a web cam. You don’t have to buy a web cam in case your PC is already equipped with a camera. It would be great if you could adjust the height of your camera or volume of your microphone.

About Skype
Do you have a free trial lesson?
Yes, we have two free trial lessons after your registration.
Go to a free trial
Can beginners take a lesson?
Definitely you can. A teacher will teach you a simple greetings or introductions slowly so you can enjoy your lesson without any stress or hassle.
Are there tutors who can speak Japanese?
Yes, there are many tutors who can speak Japanese. Members who are worried about English skills or beginner students, please check "Japanese Advanced level" or "Japanese beginner level" of tutors' Japanese speaking skills from "Type of instructor" when you choose lessons to book.
Our tutors attend Japanese lessons everyday, so they may be able to support your lessons with basic Japanese even our "Japanese beginner level" tutor.
Can I take a lesson all in English without using Japanese?
Yes, all tutors can give lessons all in English without using Japanese. We recommend that members of the intermediate and advanced level try to take a lesson in English because there are tutors who can't speak Japanese at all. But in case a lesson with a tutor who can speak Japanese a little, the teacher may use Japanese in order to build a good relationship with a member unless a member doesn't let us know about their hope like" Only English in a lesson". It would be great if you could tell us "I want to study English without Japanese" in advance.
Do you have a course for kids and how old is it for?
Yes, we have a course for kids aged 3 to 12 years old. But we recommend parents accompany their child/children in order to prevent trouble.
What kind of textbooks do you have?
We have some textbooks for Basic English conversation lesson, Business, TOEIC test and others. Please try to consult us in terms of choosing lessons because there are some which are conversation-based lessons, while others are on pronunciation, however the tutor will see to it that every members' demand will be met.
If there is no request to use textbooks in a lesson, the tutor prepare for lessons as a free conversation.
Do I need a textbook for my lesson ?
As principle, you don't need to have any textbooks for your lessons, however using articles or online newspaper for your lesson to supplement your discussion is highly encouraged.
Is there original learning materials ?
Everything is in the process. We will notify you in our website.
Can I request something about my lesson ?
Yes, please inform your tutor before your lesson time starts, so that your tutor will still have enough time to prepare. If you have any requests, then you can send it using "Message" box when you book a lesson.
Can I change a course?
Yes, you can change a course for each lesson (25mins.). In booking a lesson, you just need to be careful, because you can choose only one course for one lesson.
However, it doesn't change the plan that you already chosen.
Can I choose different tutors for every lesson ?
Yes, you can and don't need to decide for your main tutor. So you can book a lesson, select the day and time that suits you. And find a tutor you want to study with.
Can I change the tutor in the middle of our lesson time ?
No, basically we would like you to take a lesson on time and a tutor you book except when your tutor can't help being absent because of sickness or bad condition, etc. Even though you booked two lessons with same tutor, you are not allowed to change your tutor for another one during the lesson. If you want to take two lessons with different tutors, please book each lesson with different tutor.

In case your lesson is difficult to continue, you need to stop the lesson and contact our customer support immediately. If you contact us after your lesson is finish, we will understand that there are no any problems during your lesson, and we cannot accept any alternative lessons or refund.
Can the overdue part be extended when it starts later than the scheduled time ?
In case of delay for the member's convenience, if it is delayed in less than 10 minutes from the reserved lesson, you can take a lesson from the remaining time. But if it is 11 minutes late or more, then it becomes an absence treatment. Unlike cancellation, it will be recorded as absent on the day.
If the cause of delay is due to the member's reason, extension of lesson time cannot be performed. But when delay occurs because of our school, regardless of remaining time, we will extend a part for the tardiness with the same tutor who was in charge of the lesson which was delayed. If you cannot extend on the same day, please inform your preferred date to our customer support.
What is the evaluation or the comments ?
We appreciate to hear your opinions and comments that would lead to improve and enhance our lesson quality. And there is no need for your ID or name, so please feel free to leave some comments after every lesson.
How can I upload the evaluation ?
The evaluation is uploaded on the introduction page of each tutor and on the left side of our website.
1. Click "Reservation history" from the left green menu.
2. Choose "Evaluate" which you want to upload from the reservation list.
3. Choose how did you feel or think about the lesson using the evaluation rating "Excellent", "Good" or "Bad".
4. Type your comments into the box.
Are there school holidays?
Yes, there are. We have holidays and don't have any lessons on January 1, December 25 and December 31 every year because of national holidays. We will post "INFORMATION" on top of our website to inform all the members.
In the event of a typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami and other natural disaster that might happen, it may cause internet problems and stop our service, so please bear with us in that case.

About reservation/cancellation

How can I book a lesson ?
You can book a lesson 30mins before the lesson time starts in our website. Please make sure the process from "Beginner" page.
※Cancellation of lesson is allowed 1hour before the lesson time starts.
How many lessons can I book at a time?
You can book up to one week ahead. You are allowed to take one lesson a day (7 lessons a week) for Silver Plan, and two lessons a day (14 lessons a week) for Gold Plan and Premium Plan.
I didn't take any lessons today, so can I take a lesson for 2 days tomorrow ?
No, you can't. The number of the lesson per account is up to one time for Silver Plan or two times for Gold Plan and Premium Plan. Even if you have a case of important matters/situation. It is less than the maximum usable lesson time per day, please take note that you can't transfer the lesson you didn't attend.
How do I change the reserved contents (a tutor, time or course) ?
Please note that you can’t change the reserved contents of a lesson at all. If you want to change it, you need to cancel the lesson one hour before and make a reservation that you wish again. Please refer to next “Can I cancel the booked lesson?” for how to cancel.
Can I cancel the reserved lesson ?
Yes, you can. You can do the cancellation procedure that you booked at least one hour before. Please perform the procedure as soon as possible (till the previous day) once you noticed.
The method of the procedure can be performed from “Reservation confirmation and Lesson history” of “My page”
To “My page”
When the reserved lesson cannot be taken, what kind of treatment does it become ?
If a situation which does not originate from the member should occur, and when a lecture on the reserved lesson cannot be taken, please change and take another lesson. However, when a lecture is already taken by other lectures, it becomes the outside of the object of change. For example, if your tutor was absent. In the case, you can opt for the two choices. The first option is to take a lesson with another tutor by the same schedule. The second one is to cancel the booked lesson and take an alternative lesson on another day. Please refer to “What is an alternative lesson?” for the details of an alternative lesson.
In case of absence from a reserved lesson, is there any penalty?
No, we don’t have any penalty. But in case reservation and cancellation are repeated and the lesson is not taken once, when we find it obvious, we give a warning to the student. And in some cases, we force you to withdraw.
What is the difference between Cancellation and Absent ?
You can "cancel" 1hour before the lesson time starts, and book another lesson again after you finish the procedure.
In case you don't reply or response the call from the tutor, then it means that you are "absent" and we regret to inform you that you can't reschedule your lesson.
What is an alternative lesson?
An Alternative lesson is a lesson you can take if you could not attend the scheduled lesson because of transportation trouble, natural disaster, bad internet connection and all faults including tutors of our school. But please keep in mind that alternative lesson is not allowed if it's your fault. In an alternative lesson, you can take more than the limited lessons which is two per day in Gold Plan and Premium Plan, or one lesson per day in Silver Plan.

If trouble arises, we are going to contact the member, so please let us know if you have question, and then the tutor who is in charge of your alternative lesson.
How can I book an alternative lesson ?
Due to our reservation system, you can't book an alternative lesson by yourself, so please send customer support your preferred date, time and tutor, and we will book it to grant your request.
Please take note that you can request it within one week after the cancellation time.

About Skype

About Skype
Skype (Skype) is an Internet telephone which can be used for free (it restricts to the telephone call of Skype).
Please refer to “Skype” for the usage from installation to the start of the lesson.


How can I find my Skype ID ?
Your "Skype ID" is just the same as "Skype name" or "Skype account name" which you use signing in. But it's different from "Display name" which you can usually change anytime from the profile on your Skype.

You can also find your Skype ID using the following methods.
1. Sign in to Skype.
2. Click "Profile" from "Skype" of the upper menu.
3. Check your Skype ID below Display name which appears beside your picture.

1. Sign in to Skype.
2. It appears at the top left portion of Skype window.
3. Check the right beside"SkypeTM‐".
How do I accept a contact request ?
1. Above your contact list, click "Recent".
2. To accept or decline the contact request, enter the chat window by clicking the contact's name.
3. To accept the contact request, click "Accept".
How do I use Skype Chat (Skype instant messages) ?
In the list of contacts, click on the Display name you want to send your message to, and then appears a chat box. In another way, right click on the Display name and select "Send Instant Message (IM)".
During video call, a chat box will appear when you click a little speech bubble of the bottom of the screen.
How to use Skype on Window8 (or above) ?
Please check this page if you have trouble with using Skype.
"Getting started with Skype for modern Windows"

Please check this page if you have trouble with adding a contact request.
"Adding contacts (Skype for modern Windows)"
How do I sign in to Skype with my Microsoft account ?
You can sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account. If you need more information, please check it out from this page.
Can I register Parrots-kun with several Skype IDs to one account ?
No, only one Skype ID is allowed to register in our school.
A tutor will call your Skype which you have registered. So if you use another Skype ID even in a temporary aberration, please update the information of your Skype ID from "Edition of the profile" of our website after logging in.
We are not responsible in providing you a lesson, if we do not receive any notifications from you.
If you have trouble in editing your profile, please feel free to ask our customer support (Skype ID: parrots100).

About fee/payment

Does it cost for joining a member ?
No, the admission procedure for becoming a member would not cost you at all. You have two lessons to take as a free trial for 50mins. If the member wants to continue and take more lessons, please arrange for prompt payment from "Payment" page on "My page". Registration Form
If I start using the service in the middle of the month, how will it be counted in my payment ?
It doesn't affect even if you pay for the paid service in the middle of the month, the estimated cost for a one month contract(※) starts from the date of the paid service started and ends on the day of the following month.
※Only Silver Plan and Gold Plan are for monthly payment plans, and Premium Plan is for six months payment plan.

-For example-
A member paid for Silver Plan on October 15th, the paid service could be provided until November 14th.
Could I possibly pay in a daily basis ?
No, you cannot pay in a daily basis. Even if it registers a paying member at any day of the month, it is computed on the same conditions which starts from the date of the paid service started and ends on the day of the following month for Silver Plan and Gold Plan, or ends on the day after the paid service started of 6-month term for Premium Plan.
Could I possibly pay per lesson ?
No, you cannot pay per lesson.
I applied for Gold Plan, and took only 30 lessons for one month. Is it possible to refund the half price of Gold Plan ?
No, we don't refund, give discount or extend the period of the term, even if you couldn't take lessons everyday.
Are there any additional expenses required except for each price plan ?
No, the paying members don't need to pay any other expenses except, only for the payment of price plan. In case a member needs textbooks, a computer, a headset or a webcam, all of any other costs except a price plan are paid by the member.
Is cooling-off applicable?
The service that we provide does not correspond to specific continuous service offer on the specified commercial transaction law which has defined the object of cooling-off. However, at our school, we put member's convenience and rationality before everything and if it has been less than eight days since registration of settlement of account information was completed, it can be cancelled. Please contact us from "Inquiry"about the refund of contract termination.

If you applied Premium Plan, please check carefully "Early Termination and Refund of Premium Plan"first, before you contact us.

At the time of refund, it requires about a maximum of one month. Please understand that a member bears the commission (bank transfer fees, etc.) occurred by the refund.
I don't know how I can pay by Smart Pit.
1. Login "My page" on our website.
2. Click "Payment" from the left green menu.
3. Fill in the form which appears at the bottom part of the page.
4. After we make a bill, you will receive a confirmation from us or Smart Pit by Email.
5. Go to a convenience store to process your payment.

※Before you receive a confirmation from us or Smart Pit, there may be still under process billing.
※We will confirm the payment by Smart Pit which you have paid the day before. So if you need early confirmation of the payment, please contact us after you pay.
Would you publish a receipt?
Explanation about each payment method


Please copy the portion for pulling down from “PAYPAL” and erase all except for the applicable portion.

Bank transfer: Please use the billing statement published as a receipt after transfer.

Convenience store settlements:

Please use “Smart pit receipt” published after payment.。

Those who want to have a receipt (mail attachment of a PDF file) go to “Inquiry” and need to attach the necessary information “an address, a proviso, payment day (delivery date) and amount of payment” and tell it to us.
To price

About trouble

I can’t log in
Please confirm whether Cookie is effective by browser setup of the personal computer. It can’t log in unless Cookie is effective. Although the procedure for using the service is explained on “Use guide” please do not hesitate to ask our customer support.
User guide
In case of something is wrong with Skype, what can you do ?
If the chat function of Skype is effective, please inform our customer support (Skype ID: parrots100) with an instant message. In case your Skype doesn't work at all, please contact "Inquiry". You can get one day's alternative lesson for another day, only if you notify us before your lesson time starts.
How do I change my registration information (Skype ID, Email address and etc.) ?
1. Login "My page" on our website.
2. Click "Edition of profile" from the left green menu.
3. Type your new information in the each box.
4. After we receive your request to change your registration information, we will update it.
Even the lesson time starts and there is no call from the tutor, what should I do ?
We are very sorry. There are bathroom breaktime and work record time of 5 mins after each lesson. If just in case that your tutor is late which is sometimes beyond our control, please try the following methods:
•Please confirm your Skype is selected "Online", and your Skype ID is the same as when you registered to our school.
•Please call the tutor.
•Please contact customer support (Skype ID : parrots100).
Would Japanese staff cope with a question of a lesson about English?
Yes, if you have some questions about the lesson you took, please do not hesitate to ask us.
But, since we correspond while checking the details of an applicable lesson with the tutor who was in charge of the student, it may take you for a while according to the contents of the inquiry.
How can I change the information of my credit card ?
1. Pleasego to PayPal, and login with your Email address and Password of your PayPal account.
2. Click "Profile" from "My Account" of the upper menu bar, and change your information in PayPal.
Please send your opinion or question to our school from "Inquiry"
To inquiry

About adjournment /withdrawal

Can I adjourn?
Yes, you can. Please send the proposal of adjournment from "Inquiry"10 days before your payment day.※Please keep in mind to cancel the PayPal settlement by yourself at the same time.

-For example-
If your payment schedule is every 10th and you want to adjourn on Nov.10, please inform us before Oct.31.

If you plan to resume our service again, please refer to the Question "The method of resumption".
Please refer to the Question "Can member registration be carried out again after withdrawal from the membership?" for the re-admission after withdrawal from the membership.
Can I adjourn after using 3 months service of Premium Plan, and continue from remaining 3 months after resumption ?
No, you can't. The Premium Plan is good for six months from the date you started and we can't extend any lessons after six months. Please check the notice of Premium Plan.
The method of resumption
If you want to resume your lessons, the procedure of returning is required. Please inform us of the contents you hope from "Inquiry" three days before. Lessons will be resumed after paying the tuition fee.
The method of withdrawal
In case you want to withdraw from the membership, please take the necessary procedure for withdrawal from "Withdraw" of the left green menu on "My page" after login. In case of payment in a bank transfer and Smart Pit (convenience store settlement) of the account, withdrawal from the membership procedure is completed.In case of payment by PayPal, please cancel the PayPal settlement by yourself at the same time.Even if you send us the proposal of withdrawal, you can use our paid service until the expiration date. And we will process your withdrawal after the expiration date, and will be free of charge.

Before the withdrawal procedure is done, you could still request us to cancel the withdrawal.
The method of stop and resumption payments
If the procedure of adjournment, resumption and withdrawal from the membership are completed at this school, you need to apply for the stop of next payment or resumption. It explains about each payment method.


Log in Paypal and make payment stop procedure of Paypal.

・A bank transfer and convenience store settlement:

If you want to stop, please do not transfer for the next time. If you want to resume, please transfer for next time after contacting the school.

Please keep in mind that the attendance right of a lesson becomes invalid until we can confirm payment for the next time.
Can member registration be carried out again after withdrawal from the membership?
Yes, you can register. Those who enrolled once need to tell the purport of resumption at first from “Inquiry”. If the necessary procedure is done for resumption, you can also see former member information.  

To inquiry




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Let’s take two times of free trial lesson.

Frequently asked questions

When you have any questions, please refer to “frequently asked questions”.
Or please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support.