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For the beginners

How to make a reservation on your lesson
(how to book online English)

To do so, you have to register first before you can book a lesson. However, if you have availed of the “free trial”, then you need to sign up first for membership.

lesson flow

Step 1 ... Computer log in

Please enter your computer log in name to make a reservation of a lesson (the direction is unnecessary for people who have already logged in) then you can move to login screen from “My page/log in button”.

Step1 ログイン

Please enter your login ID and password, then click on the log-in button with the mouse.

However, if you have entered an invalid ID and password, the window will notify you of a mistake and if this happens, please check your computer login ID or password and click “Send Password” located at the bottom of the log in window.


If you don’t register yet, please sign up here.

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Step 2 … Lesson Reservation

After logging in, the “My page” is displayed, so click on “Reservation” on the left of the menu screen.

Please click on “Reservation” on the left of the menu screen.

lesseon reservation

Step 3 ... Selection of your tutor

From the great selection of tutors' list you can choose by clicking on the tutors' detailed page with their corresponding educational qualifications and specified skills.

search tutors tutors list

Japanese levels of Parrots-kun tutors

There are 5 levels of Japanese of Parrots-kun tutors. Even beginners and those who are not confident in English can take their lessons without any worry. 

  1. Speak English only   
     The tutors can't speak Japanese so they will be for intermediate or advanced students.
  2. Speak Japanese a little  
    The tutors can speak a little Japanese and know some basic words. Your lesson will be based on English mainly. It doesn't mean the tutors can't speak Japanese at all so beginner students can also take their lesson. Let's try to have a lesson in English.
    We recommend the tutors of this level for beginners who want to get used to English.
  3. Speak basic Japanese   
    The tutors can speak basic Japanese for greeting and daily conversation.
    We recommend the tutors of this level for beginner and intermediate students.
  4. Speak well
    The tutors know some Japanese jokes.
  5. The tutors speak Japanese fluently.

STEP 4 ... Reservation time

After choosing your tutor, it moves to the detailed page. You can confirm the tutor’s reservation status one week ahead of your chosen schedule at your most convenient time. Please choose the date at your convenience.


About Reservation

The reservation time and the date of the lesson are based on Japan time.
Although you are given a maximum of 30 minutes to make reservations on the day itself

About Cancellation of Reservation

Please follow the procedures of the cancellation of reservation a day before the scheduled time and you are only given a maximum of one hour to do so.

STEP 5 ... confirm the reservation

Please press the button “next” after you confirm the chosen schedule and select the content of the lesson or you can leave a message to the tutors.

After you have confirmed the booking contents, please click on the “book” button if it is finished your booking is complete by then. Please enter your Skype login name and wait for five minutes before the lesson starts.

You can check booking history in “My page”
The Skype ID of the tutor can be sent to first time students upon request. Please check the Skype ID of the tutor at the time of booking.

Tips to take into account during the lesson:

Remember that time is an important resource for internet users, so refrain from over-accessorizing with too many graphics, flash videos or image files that can slow down loading time.


About free talk

What kind of lesson would you like to take?

  • Free talk
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Texts use

(Each of the ESL tutors has their own unique, different and specified skills)

There are instances that you don’t know what to say in English even though you studied English a lot, thus it only means that you have the linguistic knowledge, but do not know how to use it. But with us at “\100 English School Parrots kun” you can acquire knowledge and can even do a lot of practice during our “free talk” lessons.

lesson flow

Lesson Schedule

Lessons start from 11am to 1am. A 25 minute lesson has a 5 minute break before the next lesson starts. Please check your lesson and tutor on the schedule list. Please understand that making reservation depends on the tutor’s working shift situation.

ex schedule
Lesson varies depending on the chosen Price Plan.

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Frequently asked questions

When you have any questions, please refer to “frequently asked questions”.
Or please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support.