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Saipan Study Abroad Program

パロッツ君 フィリピン留学 リンガエンにおいでよ

Saipan for homestay study abroad!

Parrots-kun Saipan school provides homestay study abroad.

Saipan is a popular paradise resort which is just three and a half hours from Japan.
You can fully enjoy not only the study abroad program, but you are also given opportunity to explore, experience and engage in marine sports, trekking and activities like golf.

Furthermore, making use of homestay enables you to experience the lifestyle and acquire English skills.




About lesson

The lesson schedule is three hours in the morning.(※Notice 1)
You can enjoy fun learning experience while you are in group lesson.
At Parrots Kun Saipan School. Transportation is free…from the airport to your chosen destination

※we are not providing the lesson with Parrots-kun online teachers.
※One-on- one lesson (charged), Additional group lesson (charged) is also acceptable.

※Notice 1)
Four (4) days and three (3) nights plan ~ 6days and 5nights plan avail of lessons every day and the plan more than Seven (7) days and six (6) nights avail of lessons on weekday only. (Any lessons can’t be available on December 25th and January 1st.)



We highly recommend Parrots-kun Saipan study abroad.

For those who want to:
・Avail of family study abroad program.
・Study-abroad with homestay.
・Challenge a lesson with native speaker of English.
・Enjoy both study abroad and Saipan activities.
・Experience the feeling of studying together with your classmate.



Various productive and interactive activities

You would do activities and realize the fulfilling study abroad after finishing English lesson.
Made to order services for your convenience
We will arrange various activities such as marine sports. (Arrangement is for free)







Which includes the following packages :

Island tour;
Shopping spree galore;
Exciting marine activities;
Relaxing and inviting golf activities;
Unforgettable tour in Tinian Island; and
Self-fulfilling volunteer activities



About the accommodation

In the homestay program, you can rent a room and then spend time as one of the members of the native family. Meal with half board (morning and dinner). We do not provide toiletries such as towel, soap and shampoo.
About hotel accommodation, we can suggest from economy hotel to resort hotel according to your hope.


About the schedule

From 4 days and 3 nights simple plan to 90 days study abroad plan, you can make your desired plan at your convenience.


About expenses

What are included in the expenses?

Transfer fare from the airport to the accommodation, commuting cost from the accommodation and the school, admission fee, basic tuition fee during the study abroad, commission, access of the internet in the school premises, arrangement cost, accommodation fee and meal with half board (homestay only).

What are excluded in the expenses?

The round tickets, individual travel insurance fee, foods (excluding the meal with half board at the homestay)
Accommodation fee for two (2) nights ($57~/night: in case of arrival at midnight/leaving in morning)

Application Procedures:

Click on the bar below and apply for Parrots-kun Saipan short term estimate.

Please click here for estimate


The flow of estimate

Parrots-kun English office will check if your accommodation has available room or not. And then if it is possible to stay in your desired term, then the estimate cost will be sent by the Parrots-kun English office. You need to transfer the amount.


The parrots-kun English office will arrange for the lesson, reservation of accommodation after confirming the transfer.
Please apply one (1) month before your departure.
In case you apply less than 1 month, please keep in mind that there is a possibility that the arrangement for your lesson or accommodation can be delayed and we regret to inform you that there might be inconveniences in your part.




Inquiry for study abroad

Saipan study abroad price list.

※ Accommodation fee(Homestay or Hotel) and lesson fee will be the cost of the study abroad price(excluding tax)


Days accommodation fee lesson fee
  Homestay Economy hotel  
  Type A
( Short stay)
Type B
(Long stay/with a kitchen)
4days 3nights $300.00 $284.00 $284.00 $180.00
5days 4nights $340.00 $341.00 $341.00 $230.00
6days 5nights $370.00 $399.00 $399.00 $270.00
7days 6nights $430.00 $497.00 $497.00 $320.00
8days 7nights $450.00 $518.00 $555.00 $320.00
9days 8nights $470.00 $576.00 $612.00 $340.00
10days 9nights $500.00 $633.00 $670.00 $340.00
11days 10nights $520.00 $691.00 $728.00 $360.00
12days 11nights $550.00 $749.00 $786.00 $360.00
13days 12nights $570.00 $807.00 $843.00 $380.00
14days 13nights $590.00 $864.00 $901.00 $380.00
15days 14nights $630.00 $895.00 $969.00 $400.00
16days 15nights $650.00 $953.00 $1,027.00 $400.00
17days 16nights $680.00 $1,011.00 $1,084.00 $420.00
18days 17nights $700.00 $1,069.00 $1,142.00 $420.00
19days 18nights $720.00 $1,126.00 $1,200.00 $440.00
20days 19nights $750.00 $1,184.00 $1,258.00 $440.00
21days 20nights $770.00 $1,242.00 $1,315.00 $460.00
22days 21nights $810.00 $1,273.00 $1,383.00 $460.00
23days 22nights $830.00 $1,331.00 $1,441.00 $480.00
24days 23nights $850.00 $1,388.00 $1,499.00 $500.00
25days 24nights $880.00 $1,446.00 $1,556.00 $520.00
26days 25nights $900.00 $1,504.00 $1,614.00 $520.00
27days 26nights $930.00 $1,562.00 $1,672.00 $540.00
28days 27nights $950.00 $1,619.00 $1,730.00 $540.00
29days 28nights $980.00 $1,687.00 $1,797.00 $560.00
  • Lesson is held on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday (4days and 3nights plan ~ 6days and 5nights plan only), but we will exclude a specific holiday such as Christmas day or New year season, etc.
  • One-on- one lesson which cost $30 for 1 hour
  • Extension for homestay costs $50 for 1 night (without lesson)
  • Please transfer the fee in USD which is calculated by TTB (Telegraphic Transfer Buying Rate)
  • In case the applicant is below the age of 16 and visit alone, then someone should be present to pick up the applicant if necessary.




Saipan short stay study abroad policy is here



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Frequently asked questions

When you have any questions, please refer to “frequently asked questions”.
Or please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support.