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Study abroad

パロッツ君 フィリピン留学 リンガエンにおいでよ

The promotion video presentation of study abroad program in the Philippines

Parrots-kun online English conversation of the Philippines

This study abroad Program in the Philippines (including home stay) of Parrots-kun online English conversation.
English Program in Philippines gives our students the opportunity to explore this richly historic and cultural place while engaging in English Language study.

You can enjoy one on one lesson or conversation session with one of the tutors of Parrots-kun!!

We highly recommend Parrots-kun study abroad.
For those who

・need English conversation at the international trade;
・are planning to travel in the future; and
・want to experience English conversation seriously in a real English environment.

Facing lesson with an usual tutor

Basic Lesson Schedule

starts on every Monday, closed on weekdays
(one on one lesson for 80- minutes×3times)

 13:00-14:20 The 1st lesson
 14:30-15:50 The 2nd lesson
 16:00-17:20 The 3rd lesson

You can also take additional lessons

The following schedule is for additional lessons

 17:30-18:50 The 4th lesson  
 19:00-20:20 The 5th lesson




What’s special about study abroad programs of Parrots-kun

・You can choose your English tutor to conduct the English lessons.
・One – on – one conversation session with one of the Parrots kun tutors.
・Tutor – student luncheons where students can get to know the tutors as they enjoy the different tourist destinations.
・You can also have lesson even on Saturday and Sunday
・Lesson is also possible in the evening.
・You can change a tutor if you want.


The Budget Plan

・7days and 6nights (including one on one lesson for 80 minutes×3 lessons during 5days) A total of \69,600
・14days and 13nights (including one to one lesson of 80 minutes×3lessons in 10days) A total of \132,000
*Please be informed that the abovementioned price may change without prior notice.


Parrots-kun Tutors



Details of Options:

Option expense:
According to hope, we prepare the following options.
An addition is also possible there.

Dinner lesson together with one of the Parrots-kun tutors

Why don’t you take a lesson in a relaxed social setting?
You can learn gastronomic culture and food galore in the Philippines by taking a lesson in English.
*you need to have a meal together with two or more tutors. However, since the price for a dinner is not included, you need to pay the total amount including tutor's part.

Expense :
\5,000 for 90 minutes per time
(Except for the eating and drinking price for a dinner)

Details :
you can also have a dinner with the Parrots kun tutors.

Sightseeing option

Why don’t you take a lesson outside a classroom to have also sightseeing together with your tutor?
In this practical extension of the classroom experience, students experience the facets of Philippines best.

Expense :
\2000 for 1 hour per person
(When transportation expenses and food costs occur, you pay in total including a part for the instructor’s service rendered)

Details :
to consider you need to strictly observe the time, so that you can also return to school on time.
*in case you exceed the time scheduled, you pay \2000 per person.




About price

The Cost of Program includes:

Transportation; (from Manila Airport to a hotel in Lingayen)
Admission fee;
Basic Tuition fee; (one on one lesson for 4 hours/day- from Monday to Friday)
Hotel Accommodation;
School affairs Commission;
Arrangement Expenses;
Internet Usage; and
School Capacity Utilization

What is not included in the cost?

Airline ticket costs, expenses of foods, transportation expense from the hotel to an airport when going back.

Who should apply?

Open to students and those who are interested to avail of the program which is designed for English learners: beginners, intermediate or advanced study with a one-on-one lesson, which provides the best environment for the students to make a substantial improvement in all areas of language learning.

Click here for an estimate.


The flow of an estimate is outlined below:

After checking a vacancy situation etc, we will inform you whether the reservation is possible or not. If it can be reserved, we will notify you about the definite estimate.
You transfer the amount of the money.


Reservation of a hotel and your tutor’s arrangements, etc., are carried out after a transfer check. We will send the time table of a detailed lesson a day to you after the completion of the reservation.

Notice to all:
Please apply at least one month before your departure time.
In case the application was done over a month, we request to inform you that we cannot immediately arrange the tutor's schedule.


Inquire about studying abroad


Short-term study-abroad Program price list is broken down as follows:

Days Price
4days 3nights 35,400YEN
5days 4nights 46,800YEN
6days 5nights 58,200YEN
7days 6nights 69,600YEN
8days 7nights 73,800YEN
9days 8nights 78,000YEN
10days 9nights 88,800YEN
11days 10nights 99,600YEN
12days 11nights 110,400YEN
13days 12nights 121,200YEN
14days 13nights 132,000YEN
15days 14nights 136,200YEN
16days 15nights 140,400YEN
Days Price
17days 16nights 150,900YEN
18days 17nights 161,500YEN
19days 18nights 172,000YEN
20days 19nights 182,600YEN
21days 20nights 193,200YEN
22days 21nights 197,400YEN
23days 22nights 201,600YEN
24days 23nights 212,000YEN
25days 24nights 222,400YEN
26days 25nights 232,900YEN
27days 26nights 243,300YEN
28days 27nights 253,800YEN
29days 28nights 258,000YEN
  • The payment method is a prior bank transfer only. For additional application of payment is in cash.
  • An additional lesson on weekends costs 6000 per day (80minutes×3lessons)
  • An additional one on one lesson (80minutes) ×5days costs \10000
  • Extension of only stay costs \2,500 (in the case of Philippines standard type)
  • Upgrade of lodging (a no-frills hotel type/charge)



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Frequently asked questions

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