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Story of study abroad


Our students gave us their impressions of Parrots-kun study abroad program.
We will introduce you some of the impressions we got from students.

I joined Parrots-kun study abroad for one week. Two staff came to pick me up at the airport so that I could arrive at the Parrots-kun school safely. Although it took 5hours from Manila, I enjoyed watching 2 movies during the time when we were heading for Lingayen. I was surprised when I see all passengers on the bus watch movies without subtitles.

Next morning, my study abroad started and I have a lesson with Teacher Anabelle everyday. The merit of study abroad is there is no bad connection and I could study a lot by using a big whiteboard in the lecture room.

I also went to eat dinner with teacher Anabelle, Rea, Ednalyn and some other teachers I’ve not had any lessons before and enjoyed delicious Philippines foods with them.

It was quite convenient to commute to the school because the accommodation was very near the school. And when I had a bad connection with the internet line that I was given from the Hotel, a staff kindly gave me a wifi gadget and all staff took care of me well. When they greet me every time, I really felt politeness and integrity from Parrots-kun teachers.

At the weekend, I visited Hundred Island, which is one of famous sightseeing places in the Philippines with teacher Anabelle and other staff and we enjoyed snorkeling there. I really think I could get unforgettable memory in this study abroad.

I hope I can visit and join the study abroad program again.

Thirties Male

Aside from a lesson in the school premises, Parrots-kun study abroad provides a lesson like recreation. In my case, I went to the near beach and enjoy running in the athlete stadium named Narciso and went to CSI shopping mall and NEPO mall with JEEPNEY which is a local beloved vehicle in the Philippines.
※Jeepney is in the photo.


The malls are very huge and similar to Japanese one so you would be able to enjoy the foreign atmosphere when you come.
Talking with local people is fun as well. I met a gay who is a shop staff and we had a great conversation.

Restaurants and products in the malls are very reasonable compared with Japanese’s one. So I enjoyed shopping without worries.

Restaurant in the mall

This photo is when eating karekare and pork Sinigang(sour soup). It looks like carry, but it is not actually carry.

I really got a good experience!
I want to come back to make use of this short term study abroad of Parrots-kun.

Forties male

To Lingayen

Lingayen is located where it takes 5 hours from Manila. I thought 5 hours are so long. But it was not bad because staff picked me up and the bus was equipped with air conditioner.
It was actually comfortable. Besides the bus I took was able to use the internet environment.
The time in the bus went by so fast because I could contact to Parrots-kun teachers

Studying with Parrots-kun

I think some students want to do sightseeing with Parrots-kun teachers and others want to study and improve their English skills. I wanted to study.
We made our plan during a lesson and let my teacher prepare for some textbooks. In my previous study abroad, I wanted to improve my TOEIC score and Pronunciation.I used a stopwatch and trained how to read a sentence faster for TOEIC and studied “Reduced Sound, ” which makes the connection between a word and a word smooth.
Finally, I took a video memorial film wherein I and Parrots-kun teachers sing a song “California girl”. When singing in English, “Reduced Sound” and “Word Connection” are as necessary as I can’t sing smoothly without these skills. So what I studied about it this time was quite helpful and I really recommend that you also study.
And I really enjoyed singing with Parrots-kun teachers who were also in the groove.

Dinner lesson

I took a dinner lesson with Parrots-kun teachers last time.
We went to a seafood restaurant named Binsalo.
I didn’t know anything about Philippine foods. But Parrots-kun teachers chose some foods they think the Japanese would like.
“Wow, that’s so good!!”
Although it was my first time to eat Philippine foods, I felt like I could eat those foods even every day.


I stayed in a hotel named President Hotel which is near Parrots-kun school. The area made me relieved because it is also located near Lingayen municipal.
But you better buy something at 7/11 or convenience stores in advance because there is nothing around there.
A good point is I could enjoy walking along the beach near the hotel in the morning. I took a walk on the beach and had a breakfast at a restaurant on the way.

I really appreciate Parrots-kun teacher and staff.
I want to come to Parrots-kun and study regularly for the future. Thank you so much

Thirties Male

Short term study abroad became unforgettable memories in my life.

The cheerful smile, kindness of Parrots-kun staff and response to bring out my needs were really satisfying.

The memory that I cooked Spicy curry with teacher Rizza would be unforgettable.
Pansit made by teacher Jessica, Adobo cooked by teacher Fatima (She ate as much as she could), Thank you for the delicious cupcake made by teacher Joan.

Putting myself into English environment, I could have a precious experience to get close to English and to get satisfaction. I could study for my work very well.

Thank you so much. I never forget such a great smile.

Thirties Male


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