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About Online English Parrots-kun

Parrots-kun 100yen English school

You can develop your English skills at home in more comfortable way via Skype!
Skype is free and you can use it as much as you want!
You can take our one on one English lesson with your PC conveniently, it will only cost you from \100 (About US$1) for one lesson.

From \100? It is probably you get what you pay for, isn’t it?

There is no such a thing!
All ESL tutors passed the recruitment criteria and finished all the training courses.
In addition, they take a training to improve their skills in the school when they are available.

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Online English conversation Parrots-kun three Policies

・Hired only the excellent and proficient teachers who passed the given English Proficiency test.
・Tutors are monitored in a daily basis.
・English conversation will develop and enhance your linguistic skills such as speaking and listening.


Lesson policy

Situation – based English conversation method like In an airport, in a hotel, by taxi, in a restaurant and in a hospital・・・・・
Listening comprehension, pronunciation and intonation are important fundamentals of linguistic skills that you have to develop, enhance and practice.
You are able to repeat till you can listen and talk


See you soon!

Filipino lecturers

In the Philippines, English has been regarded as universal language; the country is considered the third in the rank of English-speaking country in the world. Many American call center agencies have been established. In terms of training, then you will never go wrong with the quality of English lesson that can be offered to you.


The secret of low-fee

Parrots-kun can be located in the town proper of Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines wherein the place is known to be peaceful and stable aside from the warm welcome of the Filipino people here.

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First, let’s try! Act rather than think. Please realize how important Online English conversation to you. You can have a free trial lesson by clicking on button below.
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Studying abroad (home stay)

Parrots-kun \100 English conversation adopts the short term studying abroad system.
We will meet your hope by free plans, such as short-term stay for one month or petit experience studying abroad of the travel feeling for three days and two nights.

You can avail of our study-abroad program from which you can enjoy a study-tour package which includes study-abroad for three days and two nights of fun-learning experience with our ESL instructors.

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