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If you visit Philippines, you should include Lingayen on your list!

Lingayen is the capital of Pangasinan, located at the northern part of the Philippines. It is well known for its beautiful landscape such as beaches, rice fields and a lot more…


“How to get to Lingayen?”

When you arrived in Manila, you need to take a bus going to Lingayen. There are a lot bus stations that are bound to the said destination. While traveling, you will witness an absolutely wonderful sight.Exploring Lingayen1





Once you arrived in Lingayen, you can take a “trike” or “pedicab” (bicycle with a side car) to tour you or bring you to other destinations of Lingayen. It is very affordable!Exploring Lingayen2




When you’re in town, you can visit the public market and buy food.  Lingayen has a lot of delicacies and sweet food that is also good for souvenirs.Exploring Lingayen3Fresh eggs, rice, and many more… 




Here in Lingayen, we can assure you that all sea foods here are fresh and delicious. :-D Exploring Lingayen4

The fish was caught in Lingayen beach! 8-O




Lingayen is well known for being the main supplier and best maker of fish sauce. No one can remove that fact we even export it to other countries.Exploring Lingayen5

You can also find dried fish that is also delicious and can be exported.




Lingayen is also rich with fresh fruits which you can buy one by one or by kilo.Exploring Lingayen6

Vegetables are indeed helpful to our body!
So even if you are not in the mood to eat neither meat nor sea foods, no problem!
You can choose what you want to eat from these fresh vegetables. ;-)




After a tiring walk or tour in the market, you can take a “tricycle” (motorcycle with a side car) to take you to the best place in Lingayen.Exploring Lingayen7




Lingayen Provincial CapitolExploring Lingayen8

This is one of the most visited places and considered as the center of the Province. A lot of people go there to take photos and see the beautiful scenery beside the area.

When you visit there, we highly recommend you to go to the rooftop of the Capitol building. And experience the beautiful view of Lingayen. ;-)




And of course, you can’t miss Lingayen Beach!

If you visit Lingayen Beach, your tour will be the best. :-D Exploring Lingayen9

Enjoy the fresh air and cold water as you relax yourself.




If you feel happiness, the experience will be a wonderful memory!

Come and explore Lingayen, Pangasinan!Exploring Lingayen11

You are always welcome here ;-)  

Feel happy and fun while making memories with us!










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  1. Nice place to visit and study. You will learn a lot while you enjoy the sceneries

  2. Lingayen, Pangasinan is a place where you can have good memories and experiences that you will surely treasure in your entire life. :)