Let’s Take a Coffee Break!



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)




忙しい時こそ束の間の休息を大切に、充実した時間を過ごしてくださいね ;-)




Do you like coffee? We think almost everyone loves coffee! :-D

We, Parrots-kun teachers, our mission will be to make best efforts to create a unique place where our customers will be able to socialize in a relaxing and comfortable environment as we enjoy the best brewed coffee in town.

CoffeeBreak2Coffee break with Teacher Shahara, Teacher Phoebe and Teacher May. :-)




Would you like to have some coffee?

The Parrots kun teachers are inviting you for a coffee!CoffeeBreak1Feel free to join with us. Don’t be shy. ;-)



During our work day, we can take time off from work, and it’s called “Break”. There are many types of breaks such as lunch break and dinner break, but we love coffee break the most!! It’s only a short time, but it’s a very refreshing time we can spend time with other teachers.



It doesn’t matter what kind of drink you choose, but we recommend you to drink coffee for your break! Because the caffeine helps improve our memory and concentration as well as reducing many mistakes from stresses. ;-) CoffeeBreak3

So let’s drink coffee and enjoy your break time!




Have some cup of coffee with your friends, co-worker, and family and loved ones!

We are sure you can spend a great moment even during this busy day. :-)










メリハリのある一日を過ごしてくださいね ;-)




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  1. I love coffee too!
    Drinking coffee is one of my ways of distressing myself.