Newest Addition to Parrots Kun Family


みなさん、こんにちは :-)





研修時の様子も含めて、パロッツ君の新人講師たちをご紹介します ;-)




Teaching by definition is to impart knowledge and making interventions to learn.

Over the years, Parrots Kun progressed in terms of quality education and competent teachers. It visually discerns its purpose to communicate ideas and inspire conversation to all its students. As what Mark Twain once said:

‘It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others ‘.



Teachers conspicuously show the books that they used for learning. :-D

Newest teachers1Books main objective is for global literacy and this is what the teachers of Parrots Kun are conspicuously showing as they will serve as the emissaries of learning.




Meet and greet with our teachers. :-D Newest teachers2

From left to right they are teachers Rina, Julie, Joan, Jecel, Clay, and Shiela  along with their trainer, Teacher Lanie.



Let us now start the training proper!

The newest teachers are keenly listening to Teacher Lanie as she facilitates the training proper.Newest teachers3

 This illustrates the willingness of each teacher to participate in classroom activities. :-)



Newest teachers4


Teacher Jecel showcased her expertise in teaching while the rest are keenly listening to her.




Newest teachers5


And Teacher Joan volunteered to answer the question asked by Teacher Lanie.

Go Teacher Joan! :-D



Newest teachers6


After that, Teacher Lanie arrays the book usage to Teacher Clay.

she seems to listen very seriously… :-|




Now they left the classroom and are learning more in their real working place! :-)



Newest teachers7


Teachers Joan and Jecel are observing Teacher Jade in conducting her lesson. :-o



Newest teachers8


Teacher Lanie coaches Teacher Jecel on how to go over her lesson.




Good job teachers! :-D

It is surely bliss to learn new things. Learning new things are exciting and having fun at the same time.Newest teachers9

 Here are the newest teachers joining our team. :-)








なかなか書かれている通りにはできませんよね :-(




英会話成立に役立つ2点をレッスンで受ける事ができます :-)




これが一番うれしいポイントですよね ;-)



本日も、ゆっくり着実に英会話成立に向けたレッスンを是非お楽しみください :-)




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  1. I would love to start learning English with these new teachers of Parrotskun !