Busay Falls in Bani






最近先生たちの間で人気のアノ場所へ・・・ :-o  




Bani, officially the Municipality of Bani,is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines.

This is how Busay Falls looks like 8-O Bani1

What a great place it is!




To experience the striking attractions mentioned above, you have to take around a 4-hour ride from Metro Manila to Bani. ;-)

Invest in a good holiday getaway once in a while to keep your sanity and to make your mind work more creatively. And if you intend to refresh your brain soon, do not forget that an amazing experience awaits you in Bani.


Teachers: Lalaine, Jade, Shahara, Grace, Misty, Gwen and Erick travelled for almost 3 hrs to make a documentation of one of the extraordinary places in Pangasinan.Bani2

Let’s start discovering that wonderful place in Pangasinan! 8-)



Since, it’s really far from the market, they brought a food! And look what that food is!


Jollibee is one of the well-known fast food chains in the Philippines.



They’re close to it!! So excited to see the beauty of Busay Falls!!Bani4



And here they are!!!!!! Picture-picture :-P Bani5



Nothing says summer like a good, old-fashioned swimming hole. Thankfully, natural swimming holes, in every shape, form, size, and exist in one of the great provinces in the Philippines – Pangasinan.Bani6



Those who want to refresh and to stay away from touristy places will definitely find Bani the perfect holiday destination. ;-) Bani7

Next time you’re looking to beat the heat and escape the stale air conditioning, why not find your inner dive into the best swimming holes the Pangasinan has to offer? If they love these swimming holes, you’re sure to as well!!








 大自然の中にあるBusay Falls。

リフッレッシュには最適なロケーション :-D



やっぱり、注目されるのには理由があるようですね ;-)


みなさんの周りで話題のアノ場所へ出かけてみてはいかがでしょうか? 8-)





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  1. We must take adventures in order to know where we truly BELONG :) What a great experience ! trying something new , :)