Christmas Season



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)


街はクリスマス一色! :-D




たくさんのツリーに飾り付けがされましたよ ;-)




The holidays are fast approaching! Or should we say the holidays are UPON US? Yes, that’s more like it! :-D

 So begins the endless Christmas commercials invading our TV and radio waves. Beginning this week with the cool breezy air tumbling into Christmas tree chopping down and decorating, then a slew of holiday parties, Yehey! 

Christmas Season1


This time every year we have the feeling of uncontrollable tumbling through the days. The eminent arrival of the holidays creates a very frantic feeling in the salon. Everyone has family visiting or they’re traveling to visit family members elsewhere, preparing their homes for house guests or deciding what to pack for their journey. :-)



Christmas would not be complete without Christmas decorations!


Teachers finished the first Christmas tree! :-D Christmas Season2



 Christmas Season3


As they finished the first one, they did the next Christmas tree. It was really fun watching them having fun decorating Christmas trees. :-D





Christmas Season4



Having chitchat while doing something makes them happy. As women really love talking than men. :-P





It is the hope, joy and love that we have to celebrate Christmas in our hearts.Christmas Season5



Every success produces happiness and celebration. As a part of this activity, teachers had some snacks to fill their tummy. :oops: Christmas Season6



It is a grateful heart that deserves a happy life. We are indeed grateful for this year to celebrate Christmas in Parrots Kun. :-D Christmas Season7

Merry Christmas Everyone! ;-)






クリスマスイベントを計画するなら週末でしょうか? :-?




特別な人と幸せなひと時を過ごしてくださいね ;-)




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