Happy World Teachers’ Day!





10月5日は World Teachers’ Day ;-)



其々の恩師や学校生活を思い出しながら、ちょっと特別な日を過ごしたようです :-)




Do you still remember your first teacher? The one who taught you how to count, add and subtract? How about your first English teacher who taught you your ABC’s, the verb and the noun?

Let’s admit it. Most of us have taken for granted the people who taught us the skills we have now; our teachers.

And today, we celebrate teacher’s day!
Remember our favourites and even the ones we always get in trouble with. Take a look on how we celebrated World Teachers’ Day in the Parrots Kun way.
teachers' day1


Teachers Lanie, Erick and Shahara are setting up the room for the celebration.teachers' day2



Strike that pose teacher Hannah and Lanie. :-) teachers' day3

Yay!! It’s done! :-D

Happy Teachers Day from Parrots Kun!



And of course, a celebration wouldn’t be complete without a cake. So here it is! ;-) teachers' day4

It seems like Teacher Lanie can’t wait to eat the cake anymore. :oops:



Now, they are roaming around and celebrating this event with other teachers. :-D teachers' day5



Sometimes, we as students do not understand the importance of teachers and we just take them for granted. But as we grow and look back, we realize how caring and inspiring they are. How they tried to correct our mistakes even if we disliked them… How they cheered us up and motivated us when we almost lose hope to learn and succeed and how they gave us thumbs up and appreciated us when we excelled at something.


So to all the teachers we loved, and even the ones we got in trouble with, thank you! A thousand thanks for all the teachings, support, advice, lessons, and patience. We wouldn’t be the persons we are today without your influence.teachers' day6

Happy World Teachers’ Day!


















ステキですよね? ;-)



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