Shopping at Novo!



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-D


フィリピンでは6月が ”はじまりの時期”




そこで今回パロッツ君の先生たちが向かった先は・・・ Novo :-|




The month of June is always the most exciting yet the most nerve-wracking month for Filipino students. It is the start of schools’ new semester/school year which means the two-month summer vacation is finally over. Students are normally excited to go to school to meet old and new friends but of course, some students are nervous because they are going to face another year of academic activities. :-)


One of the things to do in preparation for the coming of new semester is buying school supplies!


So here are Teachers Grace, Shine, Phoebe and Joy to give us a tour to the most popular stores to buy school supplies in Lingayen, Pangasinan. ;-)



Choosing the proper bag that is appropriate for the student’s level is very important. Taking notice of the quality and comfort it can give to the student, especially if they are just in elementary school is a must. :-|


There are many stores around Lingayen but this particular shop called Novo is where you can find almost everything you’re looking for.



Teacher Joy and Teacher Shine are showing different kinds of pencils with funny and cute erasers on it…Novo3


…while Teacher Phoebe wants to show you different shapes of paper clips and tumblers. :-D Novo4



Are you using calculator in your line of work or for your math subjects?

We got you covered! Calculators being sold in this store only cost P70 – P235 (about ¥140 – ¥470) !! 8-O




How about a mini fan for your laptop or for yourself?




We bet you would need one of these this coming summer.

Mini fan for only P165 (about ¥330)!






Just to let you know, you can also buy many things in this store and not just school supplies. As the teachers go around the shop, they saw these good buys! ;-)





Fashionable hats for only P45.
(about ¥90)

Socks for P15 to P25.
(about ¥30-¥50)





Plates for P25 up to P50 each depending on its kind.
(about ¥50-¥100) 

Hello kitty cups for only P29!
(about ¥58)


Reasonable, aren’t they? ;-)



Aside from going back to school, June is also the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. If you are a parent who wants to protect your children from having flu and other rain-caused illnesses, buying umbrellas, rain coats, and rain boots is a must along side with the other school supplies. ;-)


Trendy umbrellas for only P100 (about ¥200) each!Novo8

Teacher Joy found the pretty pink boots! :-D



Teachers went to another store and saw these affordable but high-quality school supplies. 8-O

They couldn’t wait to shop and take them home! :-) Novo9



The two most important factors to consider in buying something are the quality and the price. It is necessary to calculate the estimated price of the products you are going to buy before actually buying them.Novo10

In this picture, Teachers Phoebe and Joy are looking for a good deal while teacher Grace is computing the expenses. Good job, teachers!






Shopping for school supplies is both an exciting and tiring activity.

We advise you to shop earlier to avoid the inconvenience rushing can cause you. ;-)









”Novo” と呼ばれる雑貨屋さん。

文具にとどまらず、いろいろな商品を取り揃えているようです :-D




安くて良質なものを探すのが、お買いもののポイントだそうですよ ;-)






 簡単な英会話のはずなのに通じない・・・ :cry:


事前練習はパロッツ君でしっかりと行ってくださいね ;-)





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