Bagoong Festival 2017



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です ;-)






そして今回パロッツ君の先生たちが訪れたイベントはこちら ;-)




Bagoong or salted fish paste is one of the most popular condiments in the Philippines. It is used as a dipping sauce for countless food such as grilled bangus or as gifts to relatives both locally and abroad.


 Here are Teachers Hanna, Marilyn and Misty to show us the highlights of this year’s most awaited event in Lingayen. :-)

Behind them are some members of street dancing participants who are preparing for their performance.  :-D



 The bagoong manufacturing process begins with mixing measured amounts of fish, shrimp and brine. The blend is then kept and fermented up to 12 months until bubbles form and begins to waft its characteristic strong odor. The bagoong then will be put in a bottle and will be prepared to sell in the market.


Teachers showing the ready-to-sell bottles of bagoong, which are used as props for the street dancing competition.Bagoon2017-2




Bagoong festival is one way of Lingayenenses of thanking God for the success of the bagoong industry for it has been the source of their livelihood. The first Bagoong Festival was held in April 2011. It was later on moved to January as part of Lingayen’ fiesta celebration.Bagoon2017-3




Here are teachers Hanna, Marilyn and Misty together with some street dancing participants. The teachers seem to enjoy this kind of experience, don’t they? :lol: Bagoon2017-4



Another set of street dancing participants showcasing their talents in the middle of the street. 8-O

Bagoon2017-5Because bagoong is the pride of our town, Lingayen, these participants didn’t mind the heat. Bagoong Festival only happens once a year, so they better give it all.




Bagoong made in Pangasinan, especially in the capital town of Lingayen, has long been regarded as the best bagoong in the Philippines due to its great taste and aroma. :-)

Bagoon2017-6On your next trip to Philippines, we recommend you to try our bagoong. We bet you would enjoy it as much as we do!


See you in Lingayen! ;-)





お魚やエビを発酵させて作るソース “Bagoong”


フィリピンの家庭料理には欠かせない隠し味なのかもしれませんね ;-)



ご飯に合うお料理がたくさんあります :-)


日本食との比較をしてみるのも楽しいかもしれませんよ ;-)





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