El Kapitolyo Food Park



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)



リンガエンの最新スポットをご紹介します ;-)




It seems that the food park trend is here to stay that we needed to make a blog out of it. To stay on top of the food game, let us introduce you the newest type of food destination in the Philippines, the food parks. :-)

2016 has been basically the year for food parks. More and more of this type of business had cropped all over the country throughout last year. The reason why food parks have been so in-demand especially for youngsters or millennial is that they offer a promising variety of quick eats conveniently housed in one place, most with an Instagram-worthy setting to boot.El Kapitolyo FP1

Teachers Hanna, Enjell, Mao, Jean, Misty, Jade and Grace took a short break from giving lessons to try the newest food park in our beloved town, Lingayen, the El Kapitolyo Food Park (The Capitol Food Park). :-D




Hundred Islands Escapade



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)


夏といえば “海” !!


パロッツ君では ハンドレッド・アイランド をお勧めしています ;-)




Philippines’ summer is way far from over and it seems as if it has just started because of the extreme heat Filipinos are experiencing during the past few weeks. In these times when the sun is not so nice and all, what you need is a refreshing moment by the beach sipping a nicely blended lemonade with your swimwear on and a pair of sunglasses. 8-)

We bet everyone is familiar with this paradise we are about to show off right in front of your screens. Yes, we’re talking about the most popular place in our beloved province Pangasinan, the Hundred Islands National Park! ;-)

Recently, teachers had a trip to the most talked-about place not just in our province but in the whole north, the Alaminos City’s one hundred islands.

 Hundred Islands Escapade1

Welcome to the Hundred Islands National Park, everyone! :-D