Beach Snacks



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)


日本では暖かい日々が続き、夏が目前に迫ってきていますね :-D




リンガエンビーチで楽しめるBeach Snackをご紹介します ;-)




 Summer is just around the corner. The breeze, the humidity, the fruits, it’s really summer in just a short while.

Since Philippines has only two seasons, namely: dry (summer) and wet (rainy), Filipinos are highly anticipating the coming of summer every year. Students have two months break from school in preparation for the next school year, and employees have at least a week off from work because of holy week. It is the time of the year for festivals, reunions, and of course, swimming parties! :-D

 Speaking of which, the beach is also one of the most in demand places every summer. Many people plan to go to the beach to have tanner skin, and to flaunt their summer-ready bodies.


Teachers Joy, Gwen, Jade and Weng went to the Lingayen beach to look around.

Let’s see what they’ve seen. ;-) Beach Snacks1

Can you spot the teachers? :-?



Sunflower Maze Adventure



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)


”ヒマワリ” といえば ”夏” をイメージしますが

常夏フィリピンでは、なかなか見ることができない貴重なものなんです :-|






Are you up for a maze challenge? How about a maze with photo ops with sunflowers? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? ;-) So, drop whatever you’ve got planned for this weekend and go on a day trip to Pangasinan instead!


Head on to the first ever sunflower maze in the Philippines, the A-MAZE-ING Sunflowers! :-D

Sunflower Maze1

Teachers Rizza and Mao were up for the challenge and went to Tayug which is about 63.2 km away from the capital town, Lingayen and is roughly 155 km away from Manila. Let’s go with them as they discover what this side of the earth has to offer. 8-O