Let’s Go To Quirino!



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-D




こちらで、涼みのひと時をご提供しています ・・・




Let’s go with Teacher Anna and Teacher Maki as they introduce to us the most captivating place in the province! :-P  




Let’s Beat the Summer Heat!



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です ;-)







2016 probably have the hottest temperature in record
Provinces from north to south are currently experiencing drought, a long period of extremely dry weather when there is no enough rain for the successful growing of crops or the replenishment of water supplies. Farmers from different parts of the country are crying for rice, which is ironic.


Just recently, a heat index record was set for the second time in less than two weeks as summer temperatures soared amid the lingering El niño. Heat index is the actual temperature felt by the body based on air temperature and humidity – touched a dangerous 51 degrees celcius in the province of Nueva Ecija.
That is why concern citizens all over the world are spreading some tips on how to stay safe and hydrated during this hot season.



 Some teachers had a chance to relax and beat the summer heat by going to a cafeteria near from the Parrots office. :-D Café1Come on! Let’s go with them. :-P