Let’s Get Baking!



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-)





今回、パロッツ君の先生たちはケーキ作りに挑戦! ;-)







“Cakes are like books. There are new ones you want to read and there are old ones you want to reread.” – Ellen Rose



Baking is a method of cooking food that uses prolonged dry heat, normally in an oven, but also in hot ashes or on hot stones.


Sometime last month, Parrots-kun teachers went to Pangasinan School of Arts and Trades to attend a baking lesson conducted by the instructors in the said school.


Baking is an enjoyable hobby, but what people detest the most about baking is the mess it creates. Cleaning up the kitchen is a hard work but what if you have food particles on yourself as well? This is why many people use apron while baking.




2016 Philippine National Games



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です ;-)



気軽にお散歩も楽しいし、ジョギングしたら心身ともにリフレッシュできます :-D


今回は、パロッツ君のあるパンガシナン州で行われた、大規模なスポーツイベントの模様をお届けします ;-)




“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.”


Did you ever dream of joining a national competition for the sport that you loved since you were in Elementary? Well, our beloved province Pangasinan in once again the host of the Philippine National Games following its successful hosting of Palarong Pambansa (National Games) last 2012 which was regarded as a “benchmark hosting which set new standards in hosting future editions of Palarong Pambansa,” among other regional, national and even international sports spectacles held at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRSCC).

 National Games1