✭Christmas in the Philippines✭


 みなさん、こんにちは :-D






目前には、もう年末年始 :-|



少しゆっくりと余韻に浸っても良いと思いますよ ;-)




Christmas is always the most-awaited event of the year. Not just because of the Christmas bonus, but also because it’s time for family reunions and friends’ get-togethers. This time of the year brings festivities and fun. It’s also the time for reminiscing and looking forward.

Christmas in the Philippines1

This Christmas, Parrots Kun teachers are here again to send you good vibes and to show how lovely it is to celebrate this special season with the ones you cherish. :-)




Spirit of Christmas ゚・⁂.†



オンライン英会話のパロッツ君です :-D


もう街中がクリスマス一色 :-D




そろそろ準備を始める時がやってきました ・・・ :oops:



パロッツ君の先生たちは何ヶ月も前からクリスマスモードですよ :lol:




As they say that Philippines has the longest celebration for Christmas. When the month of September approaches, people even started to greet each other a “Merry Christmas” and also it is a start of the countdown for the said holiday. Radio stations are also starting to play Christmas songs as a reminder that Christmas is already coming.

Aside from those things being done, Filipino people are starting to buy some stuff in preparation of the coming season. We have what we call Christmas Decorations. Parents most especially mothers are starting to go to malls where they can buy these stuff.

Spirit of Christmas1

When we talk about decorations, the following are very famous. We have Christmas trees, Christmas lanterns, wreaths, and of course Christmas lights. They almost come with colors green, red, silver and gold that are very attractive to everyone.

Since it is part of our teachers’ tradition, Parrots Kun also did the same thing, with the help of course of the teachers. It also entails the unity and camaraderie between and among the teachers.